Lady Gaga


Portraiture by Photographic Artist Mitch Weiss

One of Boston’s most well attended charitable events is ARTcetera, a biennial contemporary art auction created and supported by the visual arts community for the benefit of the local AIDS Action Committee. Hosted by art collector Barbara Lee and my own business partner Bill Emery, the event was produced by Rafenelli Events and raised more than $600,000 through the sale of donated works of art.

While finding my way through a maze of the finest art at the event, I surveyed the canvases, prints, sculptures, photographic and video art offerings. One piece immediately called to me. Both the image, capturing the spirit of Lady Gaga, and the person behind the camera, Mitch Weiss, struck a resonant chord. This particular photograph of Lady Gaga was the talk of the event and fetched one of the highest amounts paid for any one piece at ARTcetera.

“Mitch Weiss has evolved a mature vision. Specializing in high-end portraiture, Weiss has captured some of the most iconic faces in the world today from Lady Gaga to Annie Leibovitz. Weiss’ technical virtuosity allows him to transform images into what he calls viewing windows, acting as a medium to portray the core essence of the subject. The setting of subjects against his signature black background creates a meditative atmosphere that suspends time and focuses on the quintessence of his subject.”

Please enjoy both the image and this short interview of the artist. We welcome Mitch to our growing family of contributors in our Creative Arts section.


Mitch Weiss Self Portrait
Mitch Weiss Self Portait

Describe how the shoot went.

MW: It was quite short, almost seconds. I made five pictures moving closer to her with each passing frame. This was the final image.

Did you realize who you were shooting?

MW: In 2008 I was not fully aware of her but I could definitely sense a unique energy that I’ve never encountered before.

Why did you choose to keep the hair in front of her eye?

MW: The hair crossing directly in front of her left eye seemed appropriately uncomfortable. In classic Gaga style.

What was your attitude going into the shoot? Any expectations?

MW: I was fairly relaxed and ready for anything. My lights, camera and assistant (Britt) were all set, I didn’t know what to expect.

How did you get to shoot Gaga?

MW: It was a commission by Clear Channel Broadcasting in connection with KISS 108 Radio. The photo shoot took place backstage at the Tsongas Arena in Massachusetts.

Knowing who she is today, would you have done anything differently?

MW: Without knowing who she was, what she stood for, or the meaning behind her “poker face” everything is to the point and clear. She is a different animal now.

What was your impression of her during the shoot?

MW: She was confident and mysterious simultaneously. I inquired about her shades and she replied with a smirk/smile, “They’re from the 30′s, I never tell.”

How did you treat her during the shoot?

MW: I introduced myself, shook her hand and went back to the camera. I remained relatively quiet, intentionally not giving direction allowing her to be free. She made her own portrait.

Lady Gaga
Portraiture by Photographic Artist Mitch Weiss


  1. Beautiful photograph Mitch. The light is gorgeous… I love the accessibility of her expression.

    • Carl Christian says:

      Thank you so much for your expressive comment Juliane! We are thrilled to welcome Mitch to our family of contributors.

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