Justin’s Top 10 Music Videos

Top 10 Music Videos

Music Video Recommendations from Culture Correspondent Justin Bog
San Juan Islands, Washington, USA


Zippy and Kipling are my two German Shepherds that are by my side when I am in the writing and editing mode. Elvis Presley is currently on the spotlight with 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong, an album that captures their charisma. Kipling’s barking out: Elvis who? Zippy loves Elvis though and shakes his head at the youth of today. For me, music is on constant play, and I am fond of repeating the albums and songs that inspire me. Please enjoy my current Top 10 Music Videos – some older, but all captivating.

1. Of Monsters And Men are taking over the airwaves with their call and response song Little Talk, and it’s a pleasurable song, filled with wise lament and a catchy melody. The video is what thrilled me.

2. Katy Perry’s song Wide Awake is in later Pat Benatar mode, reminds me a lot of We Belong and Le Bel Age, two of her non-rock/poppier moments. The video is a big fantasy. I can only imagine how much fun it was to create the images. It reminded me of Tarsem Singh’s best work (pre-Mirror Mirror‘s The Fall especially).

3. Dorean Lives is a band that is on the verge of becoming a name in the music business. I also happily admit that the lead singer is my partner’s cousin’s son. What is great about Logan’s voice is the way he owns a song. Sometimes, as in the new track A Cold Fire From The One I Loved, available to listen as a Sampler download from Red Cord Records (click HERE), the phrasing and swagger remind me so much of Billy Idol and Charlie Sexton, but the sound is pure today — and I look forward to the day I hear Dorean Lives blasting from my favorite radio station. The tune I love that I am sharing today was chosen by Robert McCammon, the thriller and horror writer, as part of the promotional package surrounding his last great novel, The Five: Shiver, Breathe, Repeat. It’s a very good beginning.

4. Bryan Ferry hit this song out of the park and I love the beat. He has his suave cool aura intact. Harkening back to later Roxy Music days, You Can Dance, off his Olympia album, is a stirring track that has me listening again and again, and the video remix, You Can Dance (John Monkman Remix) is a heady and provocative concoction. Watch:

5. Elizabeta, a singer who is in the Sarah Brightman and Enya part of the pond, came out with Dreamer, and the accompanying video. It has a certain charm, and I hope her audience grows.

6. Beer On The Table, the song and the video are not new but whenever it comes up on random play it simply makes me laugh. Josh Thompson probably had a lot of fun on this shoot. Pure country in the Billy Ray Cyrus mode — song and look.

7. Alex ClareToo Close — the song and video hit hard. The first time I heard this song it made me want to listen to it again and again. Big things in store for Alex Clare.

8. And The Boys by Angus & Julia Stone is a little song that grips with the peculiar and fresh delivery of the lyrics. The video grew stronger with each viewing. I wanted to meet the character in the story, and that is always a great moment between art, song, painting, book, and the creative drive.

9. Janelle Monae is one of the most exciting singers and performers today. Hands down my favorite live video in the past couple years. Discover and listen to Janelle. Here is Janelle singing Sincerely Jane (Live):

10. Lenka became a household word with her first single The Show, but it’s her sophomore album Two, and the catchy pop single Heart Skips A Beat, the one that didn’t make as huge a splash that keeps me listening. Give Lenka’s newer work a listen.

What are the current and past songs and music videos that catch your eye, stop you from doing your own mundane chores, and make you listen and watch? Take care, and let the music play.


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