Johnny Depp – Classic Yacht Vajoliroja

Vajoliroja - In Classic Style

Watching the yachts glide by on the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale is similar to waiting for the next star to appear on the red carpet at The Oscars. Fort Lauderdale is referred to as the “Venice of America” because of its expansive canal system, 50,000 resident yachts and over 100 marinas and boatyards. Gawkers on both sides of the canal keep binoculars at hand to get a close up of the next yacht to pass by and to marvel at the diversity in style and size. “Oh no, that one is too short and squat” or “that one’s a looker—nice lines and clean design.” Fans of this sport try to guess the length, number of crew, how many staterooms, and who the owners might be and whether they are they on board at the moment.

Johnny Depp's Yacht - In Classic Style

This past week, all were atwitter over the spotting of a 156-foot vintage yacht that appeared to be classic early 20th century—quite unique for Fort Lauderdale. As per usual, all binoculars were raised, the name of the yacht noted, and fingers typed away to determine ownership. Lo and behold, this particular mega-yacht named Vajoliroja belongs to Johnny Depp. Interesting to note is that the vessel is named for the first letters of the names of his family—former girlfriend Vanessa, Johnny, daughter Lily Rose and son Jack.

Vajoliroja Yacht - In Classic Style

Built in Istanbul by Proteksan Turquoise Yachts in 2001, Vajoliroja possesses the sleek lines and elegance that contemporary yachts just don’t have these days. The design of Vajoliroja by Tanju Kalaycioglu was modeled after the vintage lines of a 1930s tycoon’s steam yacht—overhanging fantail stern, non-working masts, smokestack, and a square wooden cabin on the upper deck.

Vajoliroja - In Classic Style

Purchased by Johnny Depp in 2007, Vajoliroja was completely re-fitted. Mr. Depp worked with designer L.M. Pagano to create a vintage Parisian bordello-esque velvet interior, while outfitting the yacht with the latest gadgetry and communications. Vanity Fair once described the Vajoliroja as Depp’s “floating salon, garret, and getaway.”

Vajoliroja - In Classic Style

Available for private charter when Johnny Depp in not in residence, Vajoliroja accommodates up to ten guests and has a crew of eight. There is a formal dining room, library, outdoor seating areas, master suite, and four cabins for guests. In the toy department, there are tenders, kayaks, windsurfers, water-skis, wakeboard, and snorkel gear. What more could you possibly desire?

Vajoliroja - In Classic Style

There is no helicopter pad or swimming pool—and you probably won’t be performing any swashbuckling “Pirates of the Caribbean” actions, but what you will find aboard Vajoliroja is the opportunity to experience life on the water . . . a la Johnny Depp . . . in vintage classic style.

Vajoliroja - In Classic Style

For more information and photos, click here to view the Virtual Brochure. If you happen to be in Fort Lauderdale, take a peek at Vajoliroja on the north side of the Sunrise Bridge.

Vajoliroja - In Classic Style


  1. Barbara Hook says:

    Well now, Carl, you certainly captured the moment as this
    gorgeous vessel made it’s journey up the inter-coastal. You
    can almost hear the ooohs and aaahs and shouts between balconies of our building.

    Thanks for supplying all the facts and answering our questions:-)


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